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Clays vs      Montmorillonite      Montmorillonite   Chelated or         Colloidal        Liquified       Ions

       Hardrock      vs  Bentonite            vs  Diatomite        Un-chelated         Minerals        Minerals      Sh-my-ons

Minerals                                                                    Trace Minerals



MYTH I:            Crushed, ground or pulverized minerals from hard rock mining are equally as

effective and nutritious as minerals embedded in clays.


MYTH II:          Montmorillonite is just another name for Bentonite.


MYTH III:        All Diatomaceous earth are created equally.


MYTH IV:         Chelation merely disguises minerals otherwise in their metallic state to allow for

absorption of unwanted heavy metals, potentially toxic in dosages larger than

organisms can reasonably accommodate.


MYTH V:          Colloidal Minerals occur in such huge molecules that absorption is actually



MYTH VI:         Minerals in liquefied emulsions achieve more rapid absorption, hence are more

effective and therefore cheaper in the long-run


MYTH VII:       Any product that says “Ionic” on it means it is better than those that do not.


If you agree with any of these fallacious statements, you may need to consult

your doctor.


For additional, reliable information please consult www.colloidaltraceminerals.com